James Rosenquist was born on November 29th, 1933 in Grand Forks, North Dakota. He studied in New York, where he worked as a designer and produced commercial billboards. He used the colours he had left over from his work for the production of abstract paintings. Even before encountering the art of Warhol, Lichtenstein and other pop artists, he produced works in this style. In the ‘60s he switched from abstract expressionism and started joining fragments of advertising images in his works. Rosenquist differs from the other members of the pop art movement because some of his works feature political content. During the Vietnam War he turned his attention to the relationship between militarism and the consumerism of American society. In the mid-‘90s he began a series of works produced with hand-coloured paper. He put everyday objects into intergalactic space, creating a dynamic composition with intense colours and different materials. Rosenquist, as other pop artists, is aware of the power of advertising, so in his work he uses a wide range of items taken from commercial billboards. In his massively sized works he combines the abstract with everyday objects and intentionally idealizes trivial themes. James Rosenquist lives and works in Florida and New York. Rosenquist has cooperated with Visconti Fine Art on numerous projects, one of them being our 1984 edition Art & Sport, created for the winter Olympics in Sarajevo, for which he created one of 16 graphics, entitled Ice point. Furthermore, a unique cultural project called SPORT AND ART was initiated between Fascination “The Gallery of Modern Art” in Switzerland and Visconti Fine Art, on which Rosenquist also cooperated.